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43rd Symposium (Japanese) on Combustion
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December 5 - 7, 2005   Tower-Hall Funabori, Tokyo, Japan
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Instructions for Speakers (updated: Jul 28, 2010)
- The forty-third symposium (Japanese) on combustion was held during December 5-7, 2005 in Tokyo, Japan.   The local organizing committee thanks all the participant and guest for their contribution.
October 31 (mon) Deadline for Early Registration
December 5 - 7   43rd Symposium  instructions
 for speakers

Instructions for Invited Speakers

Scheduled time
- Please confirm the scheduled time on the time tables in Scientific Program page.
=>Scientific Program
Instruments for presentation
- A PC-projector, an overhead projector, a microphone, and a pointer will be available for speakers.
- The symposium office is pleased to prepare other instruments including a PC, a video player, or a slide projector upon request.

For more information, contact: =>Symposium Office