Childcare Fee Assistance
Japan Society of Combustion will provide childcare support for 61st symposium on combustion participants through childcare fee subsidies.

We will support part of the childcare fees (the use of a sitter, temporary childcare at a nursery school, etc., transportation fee for a family member to show up for childcare support) for the participants who arrange the childcare for their own children during the 61st symposium.

Condition for children Children of a participant of 61st Symposium on Combustion. Applicants must be a member of CSJ.
Applicable periods 2022/11/15 (W) to 2022/11/17 (F) during the 61st Symposium
Subsidy amount Actual Cost (Up to 15,000 yen)
How to apply Pre-application is required. Applicants must send an application form to email address below. After the symposium, receipts should be submitted.
Application deadline 2022/11/8(W)
/email address
Confirmation email will be sent to applicants.
Within approximately one month after the 61st Symposium, the applicants are required to submit the proof of use of childcare service, receipt, and the bank information. The detailed information will be provided upon application.
Applicants must arrange the childcare service on their own. The arrangement can be made near the symposium site, hotels where they stay during the symposium or where they live.

Contact: CSJ まで