Manuscript submission (updated: Agu. 12, 2015)
Sept.4 Dead line for the paper submission 
- Online Paper Submission Page
- To submit the paper, (1) e-mail address and (2) apprication ID regestered on the abstract submission process are needed.
- Manuscript format is available at Manuscript Format

Paper submission method
Online submission
- The paper can be submitted on the following web page (PDF only / up to 20MB).
Online Paper Submission Page
Other methods
- You can also submit by following methods.
E-mail submission
If the online page does not work, send the file to the symposium office by E-mail. The subject of the E-mail must be "[your ID] paper submission for 53rd symposium on combustion"
Digital media (CD or USB memory) or printed paper submission
If the above method does not work, you can submit the paper with digital media, such as CD or USB memory. Please send the media to the symposium office by E-mail.
You can also submit the printed manuscript by mail (post). In that case, please send the original manuscript and 2 duplicate copies to the symposium office. Your ID, name, page number must be noted on the right top of the pritend paper. If figures or tables are pasted on the paper, ID number and figure/table number must be written on the back.

Requirements to the (PDF) file for the online submission
- Manuscript format is available at Manuscript Format
- Only the PDF file, which is not sepalated, two pages including figures and tables can be accepted.
- The font must be embeded.
If the PDF file which satisfy above requirements cannot be made, please submit the paper by other method than the online submission.