Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 65 No. 211

  • Awards of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2022
\ Evolving Fire Extinguishing Technology \
  • Science of Fire Extinguishment - Importance of Extinguishing Strategy to Firefighting
    Torikai, H.
  • New Fire Extinguishing Method using Sound Waves without Water
    Hirota, M.
  • Extinguishing Strategy in Firefighting against Wildfires by High-Viscosity Fluid and Gel
    Saitoh, H. and Hirota, M.
  • Study on Efficiency Improvement of Foam Extinguishment of Petroleum Tank Fires
    Naito, H.
  • Effect of Ammonium Phosphate Content on Fire Extinguishing Ability
    Zhang, Y., Sunahara, H. and Ohgi, K.
  • A Novel Fire Extinguishing Method with Smoke Type Agent
    Kikkawa, A. and Endo, T.
\ Physics and Chemistry of Liquid Fuel Combustion I \
  • From Droplet Combustion toward Spray Combustion: Spacebased Experiments gGroup Combustionh
    Mikami, M.
  • Dynamics of Cool Flame Occurred around Multi-Droplets
    Saito, M., Iemura, K. and Tanabe, M.