Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 64 No. 210

  • Professor Hideaki Kobayashi Won the Award of Bernard Lewis Gold Medal
    Fujimori, T.
  • Receiving the Gold Medal
    Kobayashi, H.
― Combustion Characteristics of Automotive Fuels for CO2 Reduction ―
  • How Far Can We Take Advantage of Combustion Characteristics of Fuels?
    Miyoshi, A.
  • Reactivity Evaluation of Gasoline Components Using a Micro Flow Reactor with a Controlled Temperature Profile
    Nakamura, H., Grajetzki, P., Tezuka, T. and Maruta, K.
  • Study on Combustion Characteristics of Furan and Nitromethane-added Fuels
    Tanoue, K.
  • Application of Shock Tube to Research of Automotive Fuels
    Takahashi, K.
  • Ignition Characteristics of Biofuels for Advanced Spark Ignition Engines
    Tanaka, K.
  • Research on Fuel Composition for Thermal Efficiency Improvement and CO2 Reduction of Super Lean Burn Engine
    Obata, K., Naiki, T., Yasutake, Y. and Watanabe, M.
―Recent Development of Plasma Techniques for Combustion IV―
  • Decarbonization Technology Using Non-equilibrium Plasma
    Nozaki, T.
  • Gas Reforming Using a Spouted-bed Type DBD Plasma Reactor
    Kobayashi, N., Zhang, B. and Kamiya, K.
  • New Technology Development Scheme at AGC Yokohama Technical Center
    Tamura, M., Seki, T., Nakazawa, N. and Watanabe, I.
  • Report of the 39th International Symposium on Combustion
    Kobayashi, Y.
  • Laminar Burning Velocity Model and Combustion Simulation of Dimethyl Carbonate / Iso-octane Mixture
    Mitsufuji, K., Hosaka, T., Yoneya, N., Bariki, C., Beeckman, J., Pitsch, H., Kraus, C., Fellner, F. and Jaensch, M.