Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 64 No. 209

  • Outline of Discussion: Advanced Studies on the Co-Combustion of Ammonia and Methane
    Okafor, E. C.
  • Outline of Discussion: Kinetic Studies of Combustion-Related Reactions Using Transient Spectroscopy and Unimolecular Reaction Theory
    Matsugi, A.
  • Outline of Discussion: DNS-Data-Driven Modelling and Understanding of Turbulent Combustion Mechanism
    Minamoto, Y.
\ Combustion Technologies for Achieving Carbon Neutrality \
  • Research and Development of Hydrogen and Energy Carrier Technology at AIST
    Takagi, H., Nanba, T. and Ito, H.
  • Progress of Ammonia Combustion Study towards Carbon Neutrality
    Hayakawa, A.
  • Co-Firing Technology of Pulverized Coal and Ammonia in Pulverized Coal Fired Boilers
    Tainaka, K., Hashimoto, K., Ohtaka, M. and Kimoto, M.
  • Multi-dimensional Flamelet Modeling and Application to Combustion Simulation on a Zero-emission System
    Watanabe, H.
  • Potential of Ammonia as a Fuel
    Kambara, S.
  • Next-Generation Solid Bioenergy; Combustion Behavior of Bio-coke in Melting Furnaces and Movements in Developing New Solid Bio-Fuel for Carbon Neutral Society Formation
    Ida, T.
  • Kinetics and Modeling of Combustion Processes for Solid Biomass Fuels
    Yoshiie, R., Mizoguchi, S., Ueki, Y. and Naruse, I.
  • GHG Reduction in International Aviation Sector and SAF
    Norimitsu, K.
\ Recent Development of Plasma Techniques for Combustion III \
  • Applications of Plasma Discharges to Combustion
    Laux, C.O.
  • Fundamentals of Dielectric Barrier Discharge and Application to Combustion Control
    Takahashi, S.
  • Non-Thermal Plasma Characteristics and Ignition Behavior of Lean Mixture with Radio Frequency Dielectric Barrier Discharge at High Pressure
    Nakaya, S. and Tsue, M.
  • Behavior of Smoldering through Wad of Cotton and Polyester Fibers
    Sangu, D. and Suzuki, M.
  • Reaction Analysis of Frequency Dependence on Ignition Delay by Repetitive Supply of Active Species
    Shioyoke A., Hayashi, J. and Kawanabe, H.