Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 64 No. 208

  • Outline of the Panel Discussion at CN Workshop: On the Combustion Technology for Zero Emissions
    Furutani, H.
  • Outline of CN Workshop: Demonstrations and Developments of International Hydrogen Supply Chain and Hydrogen Combustion Technology
    Nishimura, M.
  • Outline of CN Workshop: Ammonia Energy Value Chain
    Fujimori, T.
  • Outline of CN Workshop: Efforts to achieve Carbon Neutrality of Industrial Boilers Using Hydrogen Combustion Technology
    Sumi, S.
  • Outline of CN Workshop: Efforts to Use Carbon Neutral Synthetic Liquid Fuel for Internal Combustion Engines
    Okamoto, K.
  • Outline of CN Workshop: Challenge toward Carbon-Neutralization of City Gas by the SOEC Methanation Technology Innovation
    Ohnishi, H.
―Cutting Edge of Large-Scale Numerical Simulation in Combustion Science ―
  • Complex Phenomena Unified Simulation Framework “CUBE” and Automotive Internal Combustion Engine Simulation
    Tsubokura, M., Bale, R., Li, C.-G
  • For Large-Eddy Simulations of a Liquid Rocket Engine Full-Scale Combustor
    Haga, T., Fukushima, Y., Kumahata, K., Negishi, H., Shimizu, T.
  • Numerical Models and Methods for Combustion Simulation on FUGAKU Class Supercomputer
    Oshima, N. and Terashima, H.
  • Large-Scale Calculation by Engine Combustion Analysis Software HINOCA on Fugaku
    Takabayashi, T., Ito, T., Mizobuchi, Y. and Hashimoto, J.
  • Numerical Simulation of Combustion Instabilities ― Use of Fugaku ―
    Nagao, J., Kurose, R.
  • Large-Scale Super Simulation on a Practical-Scale Clean Energy Plant
    Watanabe, H., Kurose, R., Yoshimura, S. and Yamada, T.
  • Flame Structure and Reaction Analysis for Ammonia Turbulent Burner with Hydrogen Flame Stabilizer
    Okumura, Y., Tsubota, T., Matsuda, N., Hori, T., Akamatsu, F.
―Recent Development of Plasma Techniques for Combustion II―
  • Ignition and Development of Flame Kernel Formed by Nano-Second Repetitively Pulsed Discharges (NRPDs) in the Quiescent Lean Premixed Mixture
    Hayashi, J., Lovascio, S., Stephanyan, S., Ombrello, T., Stancu, G., Laux, C.