Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 64 No. 207

  • Awards of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2021
\Combustion Technology in Gas Turbine\
  • Trend and Prospect of Aero Engine Combustor Technology
    Moriai, H.
  • Research and Development of Combustor for Aircraft Engine
    Ishizaki, S., Nagao, T. and Atsuchi, S.
  • Numerical Analysis Technology of Aircraft Engine Combustor
    Nambu, T. and Mizobuchi, Y.
  • Gas Turbine in a Society Toward Carbon Neutrality
    Iki, N.
  • 100% Hydrogen Dry Low NOx Combustor Developments for 2MW Class Gas Turbine and Combined Heat and Power Supply Demonstration
    Horikawa, A., Kroniger, D., Okada, K., Ashikaga, M., Yamaguchi, M., Ogino, T., Aoki, S., Funke, H. H.-W., Kusterer, K. and Wirsum, M.
  • Advanced Experimental Technologies for Gas Turbine Engines Suited to the Commercial Power Generation Systems
    Hotta, K., Saitoh, K., Saitoh, T., Inoue, K., Nakamura, S. and Nose, M.
\Recent Development of Plasma Techniques for Combustion I\
  • Fundamental Study on Laser Induced Breakdown Plasma and Engine Ignition
    Taira, T.
  • Laser breakdown assisted long-discharge ignition (LBALDI)
    Takahashi, E. and Akihama, K.
  • Biomass Gasification with Oxygen Enriched Air in Packed Bed Gasifier
    Yoshiie, R., Shirato, D., Oda, M., Ueki, Y. and Naruse, I.
  • Effect of Steam Dilution on the Structure and Stabilization of Lifted Flames of Hydrogen
    Kiran, D., Minamoto, Y., Shimura, M. and Tanahashi, M.