Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 63 No. 204

- Combustion on and Near Surface -
  • Wall Chemical Effects on the Ignition and Distribution of Premixed Cool Flames
    Lee, M. and Suzuki, Y.
  • Elucidation and Modeling of Wall Chemical Effect by Using Plasma Techniques and Combustion Diagnostics
    Saiki, Y.
  • Advanced Laser Diagnostics for Flame Wall Interaction
    Kosaka, H.
  • Autonomous Micro-Power-Unit with Catalytic Combustion
    Takahashi, S.
  • Detailed Surface Reaction Mechanism for TWC Based on Gaseous and Surface Species Analyses
    Shimokuri, D., Murakami, H., Matsumoto, Y., Hinokuma, S. and Kawano, M.
  • Catalytic Ammonia Combustion over the Surface as well as Perimeter
    Hinokuma, S.
- Fundamentals and Applications of Combustion Measurement Technique X -
  • Fundamentals of LII Measurement
    Ishii, K.
  • Implementation of Two-dimensional Laser Induced Incandescence
    Hayashi, J. and Akamatsu, F.
  • Report on The Fifty-Eighth Symposium (Japanese) on Combustion
    Nakahara, M. and Shimokuri, D.
  • Report on the 2020 Combustion Engineering Course
    Takabayashi, T.
  • Reports of 38th International Symposium on Combustion
    Takahashi, S. and Murakami, Y.
  • OH concentration and burning velocity of methane-hydrogen premixed flames (1st report)
    Moriyama, T., Asai, H., Kimura, W. and Yamamoto, K.