Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 63 No. 203

- Applications of Machine Learning Method to Combustion Science -
  • A Review on Applications of Machine Learning Method to Combustion Science and an Investigation of Combustion Instability Dynamics
    Nakaya, S. and Tsue, M.
  • Reduced Dimension Analysis on Combustion Dynamics Using Deep Auto-Encoder
    Tanabe, M.
  • Early Detection and Prevention of Combustion Oscillations in a Swirl-Stabilized Combustor -Introduction of Combined Methodologies of Symbolic Dynamics, Complex Networks, and Machine Learning-
    Masuda S., Asami K., Hachijo T., Gotoda H.
  • Introduction to Turbulent Combustion Modelling Based on Machine Learning
    Minamoto, Y. and Tanahashi, M.
  • Application of Neural Networks to Laminar Flamelet Model
    Yamamoto, H., Mizobuchi, Y. and Sato, T.
  • Prediction of Pulsating Turbulent Pipe Flow Using Machine Learning
    Shimura, T., Mitsuishi, A. and Iwamoto, K.
  • A Study on Thermal Radiation Control by Machine Learning
    Sakurai, A.
- Fundamentals and Applications of Combustion Measurement Technique IX -
  • Non-intrusive Particle Size Measurement Method Based on Scattered Light Intensities of Polarized Lights
    Araki, M.
  • Optical Diagnostics for Soot Formation Characteristics in Multi-phase Combustion Field Formed in a Simplified Flow Field
    Hayashi, J., Hashimoto, N. and Akamatsu, F.