Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 61 No. 197

  • Outline of Discussion: Study on Combustion Instability of Flame Spread over Thermally Thick Combustibles
    Suzuki, S.
  • Outline of Discussion: Clarification of Flame Structures and Combustion Oscillation of Turbulent Premixed Flames with Combined Laser Diagnostics and Direct Numerical Simulation
    Shimura, M.
  • Outline of Discussion: Application of Large Scale Numerical Simulation Technology to Practical Combustor Development
    Uchida, M.
- Results of Research in SIP Innovative Combustion Technology -
  • Research and Development on Super Lean Burn Combustion for High Efficiency SI Engines
    Iida, N., Yokomori, T., Tsue, M., Kitagawa, T., Kosaka, H., Miyoshi, A., and Moriyoshi, Y.
  • Study on Diesel Combustion in SIP-Innovative Combustion Technology
    Ishiyama, T., Aizawa, T., Matsumura, E., Sato, S., and Mikami, M.
  • Research Contents and Results of Control Team Conducted in SIP Innovative Combustion Technology
    Kaneko, S., Kusaka, J., Yamasaki, Y., Mizobuchi, Y., and Akihama, K.
  • Research and Development on Utilizing Exhaust Gas Energy and Reducing Mechanical Losses by gLoss Reduction Teamh in the SIPfs gInnovative Combustion Technologiesh
    Daisho, Y., Miyagawa, K., Iida, T., and Mihara, Y.
- Fundamentals and Applications of Combustion Measurement Technique III -
  • Fundamentals of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)
    Ishima, T.
  • Measurement of Turbulent Flow with High Spatial Resolution Particle Image Velocimetry
    Shimura, M. and Tanahashi, M.
  • Report of 2018 Young Researcher Workshop and Social Gatherings
    Kitano, Y.
  • Response Characteristics of Burning Velocity, Velocity Gradient, and Preheat Zone Thickness of Methane-Air Premixed Wallstagnation Flame to Sinusoidal Oscillation of Equivalence Ratio
    Suenaga, Y., Yanaoka, H., Kikuchi, M., and Kikuchi, T.
  • Influence of Fingering Instability on Flame Spread Characteristics in a Narrow Space
    Funashima, K., Iizuka, H., Kuwana, K., and Kushida, G.