Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 61 No. 196

- Applying Combustion Knowledge to Large Outdoor Fire Problem -
  • How to Apply Combustion Knowledge to Large Outdoor Fires
    Suzuki, S.
  • On the Importance of Firebrand Processes in Large Outdoor Fires
    Manzello, S. L.
  • Fire Whirls: Why Are They Tall, and When Do They Occur?
    Kuwana, K.
  • On Flame Spread
    Fernandez-Pello, C., and Mcallister, S.
  • Wildfires Modelling: Short Overview, Challenges and Perspectives
    Morvan, D.
- Fundamentals and Applications of Combustion Measurement Technique II -
  • Basics on Absorption Spectroscopy
    Deguchi, Y.
  • Application of Laser Absorption Spectroscopy to Quantitative Measurements of Combustion Gases
    ~ Application for Chemical Kinetic Study and Emission Measurements ~
    Tanaka, K.
  • A Study of Laser-induced Breakdown Ignition in Fuel Spray
    (2nd Report: Investigation of Laser-induced Breakdown and Ignition Characteristics in Fuel Spray Flow)
    Seo, T., Ishimura, Y., and Mikami, M.
  • Combustion Characteristics and Flame Behavior of Premixed Mixtures Supported by Pilot Flames with Different Equivalence Ratio
    Yamamoto, K. and Yamada, N.