Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 60 No. 193

    Board Members of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2018
  • Outline of Discussion: Study on Application of the Numerical Simulation Technology Using the Elementary Reaction Mechanism to Waste Incinerator
    Denda, T.
  • Outline of Discussion: Conversion of Carbon Resources for Low-carbon Society
    Watanabe, H.
  • Outline of Discussion: Pioneering Firebrand Research for Large Outdoor Fire Mitigation
    Suzuki, S.
- The Combustion Science in Fireworks -
  • Science and Fireworks
    Arai, M.
  • Forefront of Senko-Hanabi Research
    Inoue, C.
  • An Essay on Smoke Particle Formation in Black Powder Combustion
    Koshi, M. and Hatanaka, S.
  • Principles, Safety, and a Database of Fireworks
    Matsunaga, T.
  • Flash Composition and Fireworks Compositions Including Aluminum Powder
    Hatanaka, S. and Usuba, S.
- Reaction Mechanism of Combustion and Elementary Processes III -
  • Reaction Mechanism of Combustion and Elementary Processes - (3) Mechanism Reduction
    Sakai, Y.
  • The Detonation Phenomenon
    Ishii, K.
  • Behavior of an Explosive Bubble behind an Underwater Shock Wave
    Watanabe, N. and Ishii, K.
  • Oxidation and Decomposition of Unburned Components Using Active Radical Generation by Thermally-exited Titanium Dioxide
    Ihara, T., Uwaya, K., Nishikawa, H., and Takahashi, S.