Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 60 No. 192

- Mathematical Science of Complex System in Combustion Researches -Synchronization phenomena and Complex Networks- -
  • Vastness of Complex System Science in Combustion Researches
    Gotoda, H.
  • Dynamic Resonance of Adjacent Twin Flickering (Nonpremixed) Flames
    Nakamura, Y. and Matsuoka, T.
  • Complexity and Synchronization of Spatiotemporal Structure in a Buoyancy-induced Turbulent Fire
    Gotoda, H., Takagi, K., Tokuda, I. T., and Miyano, T.
  • Study on Suppression of Thermoacoustic Oscillations
    Biwa, T. and Hyodo, H.
  • Transition to Thermoacoustic Instability in a Turbulent Combustor
    Pawar, S. A., and Sujith, R. I.
- Reaction Mechanism of Combustion and Elementary Processes II -
  • Reaction Mechanism of Combustion and Elementary Processes - (2) Reaction Rate Constants
    Miyoshi, A.
  • Report of 2017 Young Researcher Workshop and Social Gatherings
    Tojo, T.
  • Oblique Detonation on a Spherical Body Formed in Hydrogen Concentration Gradient
    Iwata, K., Tomita, K., Yoshiki, I., Maeda, S., Obara, T., Nakaya, S., Tsue, M., Imamura, O., Akihama, K., and Yamasaki, H.