Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 59 No. 190

- Hybrid of Combustion Technologies -
  • The Progress of Osaki Coolgen Oxygen-Blown IGCC Demonstration Project
    Ishizaki, Y. and Shiiya, M.
  • Combustion Technologies Relating to Hybrid Rockets
    Nagata, H.
  • Marine Use Dual Fuel Engine Corresponding to IMO Marine Emission Regulation
    Shimizu, A. and Hoshino, M.
  • Co-Combustion of Waste and/or Biomass by Fluidized-bed
    Hosoda, H.
- Soot: Science and Technology on Particulate Matter IV -
  • Modeling of Generation and Growth of Non-Spherical Particles in Gas Phase
    Fujimoto, T.
  • Fractal Dimension of Combustion Generated Particles
    Seto, T.
  • Laser Diagnostics and Transmission Electron Microscopy of In-Flame Diesel Soot Formation and Oxidation Processes
    Aizawa, T.
  • Introduction of Research Center in Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, and Toho Gas
    Tominaga, R., Shiraga, Y., and Moriyama, T.
  • Report of 2017 Summer Seminar on Combustion
    Hayashi, N.
  • A Numerical Study on the Detailed Structure of Hydrogen/Air Bunsen Flame
    Mizobuchi, Y. and Takeno, T.
  • Numerical Study on the Combustion Characteristics of Ultra-lean and Ultra-diluted Methane/air Tubular Flames - Comparison with Counterflow Twin Flame -
    Hashimoto, K. and Nishioka, M.