Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 59 No. 189

  • Preface of the New President
  • Board Members of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2017
  • Outline of Discussion: An Efficient Methodology for Combustion Flow Simulations with Large Detailed Chemical Kinetics and Its Applications
    Terashima, H.
  • Outline of Discussion: Advancement of Engine Technologies with New Fuels Based on Fundamental Combustion Research
    Tsujimura, T.
  • Outline of Discussion: Study on Soot Formation Characteristics in Multi-Phase Combustion Field
    Hayashi, J.
- Frontiers in Laser Ignition -
  • Possibility of Laser Ignition
    Takahashi, E. and Furutani, H.
  • Innovative Laser Ignition Systems
    Taira, T.
  • High-Power VCSEL Modules for Laser Ignition System
    Jikutani, N., Izumiya, K., Numata, M., Ohkura, Y., Harada, S., Arai, N., Ikeda, K., Sasaki, Y., Hagita, K., Ikeoh, T., Tsunekane, M., Taira, T., and Suzudo, T.
  • Physics in Laser-Induced Gaseous Breakdown and the Resultant Ignition Characteristics
    Endo, T.
  • Fundamental Study on Laser Ignition of Methane/Air Lean Premixed Mixture
    Hayashi, J., Nakatsuka, N., Morimoto, I., and Akamatsu, F.
  • Gasoline Engine Performance with Laser-Induced Breakdown Ignition
    Saito, T.
- Soot: Science and Technology on Particulate Matter III -
  • Soot Particle Calculation by Using the Method of Moment
    Akihama, K. and Hashimoto, J.
  • Memory of Professor Toshi Fujiwara
    Hayashi, A. K.
  • Temperature Influence on the Dynamic Behavior and Flame Acceleration of Spherically Expanding Hydrogen Flames
    Katsumi, T., Aida, T., Aiba, K., Thwe Thwe Aung, and Kadowaki, S.