Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 59 No. 188

  • Memorial Tribute (Prof. Satoru Ishizuka)
- The Roles of Combustion Science in Expert Evidence in Civil and Criminal Trials -
  • Roles of Combustion Research in Scientific Expert Opinion on Fires
    Sato, K.
  • Contribution of Combustion Research to Forensic Sciences
    Ito, A.
  • Fire Appraisal from Fire Safety Research Point of View
    Hasemi, Y.
- Soot: Science and Technology on Particulate Matter II -
  • Chemistry of the Formation of PAHs and Soot Particles from Combustion (2)
    Miyoshi, A.
  • Measurement of PAH, Soot and Its Application for Exhaust Gas Diagnostics
    Yamamoto, K.
  • The Response Function of Acoustic Combustion - Instabilities of the Solid Propellant
    Matsui, K.
  • Numerical Simulation on the Extinguishment of Methane-Air Counterflow Diffusion Flame by Water Mist
    Ebina, W. and Yoshida, A.