Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 59 No. 187

- Fundamental Study of Combustion Oscillations -
  • Large-eddy Simulations of Combustion Instabilities
    Kitano. T. and Kurose, R.
  • DNS Study on Thermo-Acoustic Modes in a Cuboid Turbulent Swirl Combustor
    Shimura, M., Aoki, K. and Tanahashi, M.
  • Large-Eddy Simulation of High-Frequency Combustion Instability in a Laboratory-Scale Rocket Combustor
    Matsuyama, S., Yoshida, S. and Tachibana S.
  • Bistability and Transitions between Stable Operation and Thermo-Acoustic Instability in a Staged Liquid-Fuel Combustor
    Renaud, A., Ducruix, S. and Zimmer, L.
  • Radial / Tangential Modes of Resonant Oscillatory Combustion in Tubular Flame Burners
    Shimokuri, D. and Ishizuka, S.
- Soot: Science and Technology on Particulate Matter I -
  • Particulate Matter (PM): Automobile Exhaust Gas Regulations and the Need for Modeling of PM Generation -Gasoline Direct Injection Engine/Vehicle-
    Akihama, K.
  • Chemistry of the Formation of PAHs and Soot Particles from Combustion (1)
    Miyoshi, A.
  • Development and Validation of the Combustion Simulation Platform for Advanced Industrial Design Process: Progress Report Vol. 1
    Combustion Society of Japan, R&D of Combustion Simulation Platform Project Team
  • Report of 2016 young Researcher Workshop and Women in Combustion Activities
    Suzuki, S. and Teraji, A.
  • Characteristics of PM Formed by Metal Mesh Quenching of Laminar Diffusion Flame with Benzene
    Kobayashi, Y., Kawaharazuka, F., Tanaka, S. and Arai, M.