Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 57 No. 181


  • Preface of the New President
    Kobayashi, H.
  • Board Members of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2015
  • Study on High Efficiency of Gasoline Engine by Using Auto-Ignition Phenomenon
    Yoso, T.
  • A Study on Effects of Electric Field on Fuel Droplet Combustion
    Imamura, O.
  • Study on Oxidation and Soot Formation Processes of Various Fuels Using Microcombustion
    Nakamura, H.
- Unstable combustion -
  • Intrinsic Instability of Premixed Flames: Hydrodynamic Effects and Diffusive-Thermal Effects
    Kadowaki, S.
  • Research on Instability of Propagating Flames in a Combustion Tube by Using Laser Irradiation Method
    Fujita, O., Yoon, S. H., and Taniyama, Y.
  • Nonlinear Properties of Combustion Instability Based on Dynamical Systems Theory
    Gotoda, H.
  • Studies on Combustion Instabilities in Gas Turbine Engine Combustors
    Tachibana, S.
  • Propagating Flame and End-Gas Autoignition in Constant Volume Vessel
    Nagano, Y., Kitagawa, T., and Nakano, M.
  • Strong Pressure Wave Generations Induced by Inhomogeneous End-Gas Autoignition
    Terashima, H.
- Utilization of Low Energetic Materials in Combustion III -
  • To Pioneering Super Sluggish Combustion Field Based on Biocoke
    Ida, T.
  • [PDF] Effects of Transversely Flame Jetting into Channel from Sub-chambers on Flame Accelerations and Detonation Transition Distances
    Maeda, S., Aoshima, R., Kurosawa, T., Ichikawa, A., and Obara, T.