Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 56 No. 177


  • Board Members of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2014
  • Fundamental Studies on the Flame Characteristics in the Vortex Flows
    Shimokuri, D.
  • Research on Ignition and Unsteady Combustion Behavior of Isolated Fuel Droplet
    Nakaya, S.
  • Study on Numerical Simulation and Laser Diagnostics for Pulverized Coal Combustion Field
    Hashimoto, N.
- Scale Effects and Model Experiments of Combustion Phenomena -
  • Scale Modeling in Combustion and Fire Research
    Saito, K. and Finney, M. A.
  • Application of Reduced-scale Model Experiments to the Fire Safety Research of Buildings
    Himoto, K.
  • Clarification and Modeling of the Phenomenon in the Coal Gasifier by the Fundamental Experiment
    Hara, S., Kajitani, S., Watanabe, H., and Inumaru, J.
  • The Effect of Length Scale of Fluidized Bed on Residence Time Distribution of Coal
    Liu, Z., Suda, T., Narukawa, M., and Takafuji, M.
  • Combustion and Model Experiment in Blast Furnace for Ironmaking
    Shinotake, A.
- Fire III -
  • Explosion and Fire Phenomena of Combustible Gas and Their Consequence Analyses
    Dobashi, R.
  • [PDF] Positional Relation of Flame and Vortex Filament Soliton in High-Speed Flame Propagation along a Vortex
    Sato, Y., Shinoda, M., and Yamashita, H.
  • [PDF] Theoretical Analysis of Global Reaction Model of H2/air System Specialized for Explosion Simulation
    Sato, M. and Kuwana, K.
  • [PDF] Fundamental Study on Crevice Knock of SI Engines by Using Combustion Vessel (Knock Inducted by Self-Ignition due to Flame Propagation into Crevice Channel)
    Tokudome, T., Komoda, N., and Korematsu, K.
  • [PDF] Large Eddy Simulation of Coaxial Jet Cluster Burner for Gas Turbine Combustor
    Yunoki, K., Murota, T., Miura, K., and Okazaki, T.