Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 56 No. 176


  • Memorial Tribute (Prof. Toshisuke Hirano)
    Dobashi, R.
- Frontiers of Combustion Research by using Microgravity -
  • Utilization of Microgravity Field for Combustion Research
    Niioka, T.
  • Droplet-cloud Combustion Experiments "Group Combustion" on KIBO/ISS
    Mikami, M.
  • Detailed Validation of the New Atomization Concept Derived from Drop Tower Experiments ~Aimed at Developing a Turbulent Atomization Simulator~
    Umemura, A., Osaka, J., Shinjo, J., Himeno, T., Kikuchi, M., Ito, Y., Ohkuma, H., Yukizono, S., Shibazaki, K., and Fuse, T.
  • Introduction of Research Projects on Solid Material Combustion Utilizing ISS/Kibo and Their Expected Outcome
    Fujita, O.
  • Low-speed Counterflow Flame Experiment in Space for Constructing Unified Theory of Combustion Limits
    Nakamura, H., Kobayashi, T., Takase, K., Tezuka, T., Hasegawa, S., Fursenko, R., Minaev, S., and Maruta, K.
  • Study on Droplet Interaction in Spontaneous Ignition of Multiple Fuel Droplets using Microgravity
    Moriue, O.
- Fire II -
  • Flame Characteristics and Structure in Pool Fires
    Ito, A.
  • [PDF] NOx Emission Characteristics of a Self-recirculation Type Tubular Flame Burner
    Peng, H., Shi, B., Shimokuri, D., and Ishizuka, S.
  • [PDF] Comparison of Time Integration Methods for Stiff Reaction Equations
    Morii, Y., Terashima, H., Koshi, M., and Shimizu, T.
  • [PDF] Application of Diode-laser Absorption Spectroscopy for Measurements of Stable Carbon Isotope Ratio of Carbon Dioxide in Automobile Exhaust
    Tanaka, K., Kojima, R., Miyamura, K., Konno, M., and Tonokura, K.
  • [PDF] Scale Effects of Diffusive-thermal and Hydrodynamic Instability
    Shibayama, S. and Kuwana, K.