Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 56 No. 175


  • Awards of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2013
- High Pressure Combustion -
  • Combustion Phenomena in a High-pressure Environment
    Kobayashi, H.
  • Effects of Pressure on Spherically Propagating Premixed Flames
    Kitagawa, T.
  • Evaporation and Self-Ignition at High Pressures and Evaporation Residue of a Palm-Methyl-Ester Droplet
    Nomura, H.
  • Evaporation and Combustion of Fuel Droplets in High Pressure Environments
    Kurose, R., Kitano, T., and Komori, S.
  • Modeling of Gasification Reaction in Pressurized Entrained-Flow Gasifier
    Kajitani, S. and Umemoto, S.
- Fire I -
  • Material Flammability Test for Fire Safety Evaluation
    Hosogai, A., Wakatsuki, K., and Nakamura, Y.
  • [PDF] Study of Ignition Characteristics of Repetitive Nano-Pulse Discharges Plasma - Ignition Characteristics of Non-thermal Plasma -
    Tanoue, K., Ushimaru, K., Suga, M., Kuboyama, T., Moriyoshi, Y., Watanabe, M., and Hotta, E.
  • [PDF] Dependences of Thermophoretic Parameters on Gas Properties
    Mohd Azahari, B. R., Suzuki, M., and Masuda, W.
  • [PDF] Acceleration Phenomena of Expanding Spherical Flames in Hydrogen/Air Mixtures for Large-Scale Gas Explosions
    Kim, W. K., Mogi, T., Kuwana, K., and Dobashi, R.
  • [PDF] Chemical Effect of Metal Wall Surface on a Methane-Air Premixed Flame in Micro Channels
    Saiki, Y. and Suzuki, Y.