Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 55 No. 173


  • Preface of the New President
  • Board Members of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2013
  • Fundamental Study for Advancement of Turbulent Combustion Simulations
    Nada, Y.
  • Elucidation of Combustion Dynamics based on Dynamical System Theory
    Gotoda, H.
  • Flame Synthesis for Various Functional Materials
    Yokomori, T.
- Temperature Measurement -
  • Fundamentals of the Temperature Measurement Method of Flames
    Wakai, K.
  • Conditionally-sampled Two-line OH-PLIF Thermometry in Unsteady Combustion Fields
    Suzuki, Y., Saiki, Y., and Fan, Y.
  • Visualization of an Instanteneous Wall or Gas Temperature Field in a Cylinder Using Luminescence
    Someya, S., Okura, Y., Sakata, A., Furutani, H., and Munakata, T.
  • Two Dimensional Temperature Measurement Using CT Tunable Laser Diode Absorption Spectroscopy
    Deguchi, Y. and Kamimoto, T.
  • JAXA High-Pressure Combustion Test Facilities and Temperature Measurements
    Shimodaira, K. and Yamamoto, T.
- Science & Technology in Micro Combustion III -
  • New Application of Microcombustion: Fuel Reactivity Measurement and Research Tool for Combustion Chemical Kinetics
    Nakamura, H., Tezuka, T., Hasegawa, S., and Maruta, K.
  • Liquid Fuel Combustion in Mesoscale
    Mikami, M.
  • [PDF] Characterisitics of NOx Formation in Hydrogen Oxidation by Atmospheric Non-equilibrium Plasma
    Kambara S., Koyano A., Takeyama A., Osakabe T., Kumabe K., and Moritomi H.
  • [PDF] LES Analysis on the Spark Ignitability of an Impinging Methane Jet on Cavity Wall
    Kawanabe, H., Senoo, T., Kondo, C., and Shioji, M.
  • [PDF] Flame Spread and Its Limitation along a Thermally Thin Combustible Solid in a High-temperature / Low-oxygen Concentration Opposed-Gas Flow
    Ito, A., Torikai, H., and Koyama, K.