Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 55 No. 172

- Various Aspects of Solid Combustion -

  • Clean Technologies for Solid Fuels
    Naruse, I.
  • Fundamental Aspects of Solid Combustion
    Makino, A.
  • Intra-particle Transport Phenomena and Reaction Mechanism
    Watanabe, H. and Okazaki, K.
  • On-line Decomposition Technique of Dioxins in Exhaust Gas using Solid Radiation
    Suzuki, M.
  • Fingering Pattern Formation during Smoldering Combustion of Solid
    Kushida, G.
- Science & Technology in Micro Combustion II -
  • Numerical Simulations of Ultra-micro Combustors and Related Phenomena
    Hayashi, N. and Yamashita, H.
  • Wall Thermal/Chemical Effects on Small-scale Flames
    Saiki, Y. and Suzuki, Y.
  • The Commemorative Ceremony for the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Symposium (Japanese) on Combustion and Contributed Articles
  • [PDF] The Turbulence Enhancement Effects on the Stability of Coaxial Oxygen-jet Diffusion Flame in a High Pressure Environment
    Kumagami, M., Kato, H., Shirakawa, S., Okuyama, M., Suzuki, T., Ogami, Y., and Kobayashi, H.
  • [PDF] Variations of Turbulent Burning Velocity and Flame Front Shape of Spherically Propagating Premixed Turbulent Flame with Effective Turbulence Intensity
    Hayakawa, A., Miki, Y., Kubo, T., Nagano, Y., and Kitagawa, T.