Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 55 No. 171


  • Awards of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2012
- Various Efforts to New Gaseous Fuels -
  • Unconventional Natural Gas Focused by Shale Gas Revolution
    Ihara, M.
  • Transformation of Energy, Technologies in Purification and End Use of Shale Gas
    Shah, K.
  • Calorific Value Adjustment of Natural Gas for City Gas Usage
    Hayashi, K., Yamaguchi, I., Kawamura, S., Sakakibara, N., Ito, K., and Iwata, N.
  • Combustion of High-Quality Digestion Gas
    Hosokawa, Y. and Komatsu, H.
  • Study on Engine Systems to Use Lower Calorific and Various Compositions Fuels
    Yamasaki, Y.
- Science & Technology in Micro Combustion I -
  • Features and Futures in Small-scale Flames based on Its Flame Structure
    Nakamura, Y.
  • [PDF] Influences of Temperature and Equivalence Ratio to Auto-ignition Promotion by Additives
    Nakano, M.
  • [PDF] A Study of Laser-induced Breakdown Ignition in Fuel Spray (1st Report: The Effect of Number Density of Droplet on Characteristics of Plasma Generation)
    Seo, T., Hisatomi, Y., and Mikami, M.
  • [PDF] Surface Modification by Oxide Particles Spray Burner
    Goto, M., Takahashi, S., Hamaguchi K., Ihara, T., and Wakai, K.