Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 54 No. 169


  • Board Members of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2012
  • Activity Report of the Research Section of Universal Combustion Kinetic Models
    Miyoshi, A.
  • Modeling and Simulation of Radiative Heat Transfer and Soot Formation in Spray Combustion
    Watanabe, H.
  • Study for Environmental Compliance of Reciprocating/Gas Turbine Engines
    Araki, M.
  • Fundamental Study on Stabilization of Flame Base for Lean Combustion
    Hirota, M.
- Supercomputer Simulation Pioneering the Future Combustion Science -
  • Prospects of Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Combustion Using the K Computer
    Kurose, R.
  • Detailed Numerical Study on Liquid Primary Atomization and Group Combustion Formation in Early Diesel Sprays
    Shinjo, J. and Umemura, A.
  • Prospects of Theoretical Reaction Modeling for Combustion: Application of Large Scale Quantum Chemical Calculations
    Oguchi, T.
  • Handling and Visualization of Huge Numerical Data in Turbulent Combustion Researches
    Tanahashi, M., Fukushima, N., Yoshikawa, I., and Shimura, M.
- Combustion Physics Learned from Actual Cases III -
  • Hydrogen Combustion in Steam Pipelines of Boiling Water Reactor
    Uchida, M., Yamamoto, Y., Fujii, T., Inagaki, T., Suda, T., and Fujimori, T.
  • [PDF] Consideration on the Catalytic Reactions for Effective Treatment of Residual Methane in Off-gas
    Akama, H.
  • [PDF] Two-Way Flame Spread along a Thin Combustible Solid with Randomly Distributed Square Pores
    Kudo, S., Ito, A., and Torikai, H.
  • [PDF] Effects of Oxygen Concentration in the Oxidizer on the Stability of Rapidly Mixed Type Tubular Flame Combustion
    Shi, B., Kowari, T., Matsuda S., Shimokuri D., and Ishizuka, S.