Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 53 No. 165


  • Preface of the New President
  • Board Members of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2011
  • Application of Micro-Dynamics, Local Nonequilibrium, in Combustion Engineering
    Shibahara, M.
  • Study on Performance Advances of Gas Appliances by Diagnostic Technique
    Miyafuji, A.
  • Study on Combustion Mechanism of Fuel Droplet Array by Using Microgravity Environment
    Kikuchi, M.
  • Fundamental Study on Spontaneous Ignition of Dispersed Liquid Fuel
    Moriue, O.
- Application of Stochastic Models for Combustion Studies -
  • CFD Analysis of Turbulent Combustion Processes by a Stochastic Approach
    Kawanabe, H.
  • Numerical Simulation of Diesel Combustion with a High EGR Rate (A Nitric Oxide Prediction using a PDF Method)
    Yamamoto, S., Nagaoka, M., Ueda, R., Wakisaka, Y., and Noda, S.
  • Application of Percolation Theory to Combustion Problems
    Umemura, A.
  • Forest Fire Modeling Using Stochastic Cellular Automata and Suppression Control
    Hayakawa, T.
- Roles of Combustion Science and Technology toward Low-Carbon Society III -
  • Thermal Power Generation Technologies
    Sato, M.
  • [PDF] Quantum Chemical Study on the Mechanism for the Low-temperature Oxidation of Alkylbenzene - Roles of Interactions between the Aromatic Ring and the Alkyl Side Chain -
    Murakami, Y., Oguchi, T., and Hashimoto, K.
  • [PDF] Influence of Ignition Position on High-Speed Flame Propagation along a Line Vortex
    Oomori, S., Sato, Y., Shinoda, M., and Yamashita, H.