Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 53 No. 164

- Diversification of Fuels -

  • Combustion of Highly Densified Solid Biomass Fuel
    Ito, H., Sakai, Y., Ida, T., and Fujita, O.
  • Combustion Characteristics of Combustible Gas Hydrate
    Ueda, T.
  • Scale-model Experiment of Large-scale Fires
    Kuwana, K.
  • Advance in Waste Incineration Technology
    Iwasaki, T., Nakayama, T., Denda, T., Kinoshita, S., Nakagawa, T., and Ayukawa, S.
  • Combustion Technology of the Sewage Sludge
    Yamamoto, M.
- Roles of Combustion Science and Technology toward Low-Carbon Society II -
  • Efforts for Energy Saving of Industrial Furnaces
    Takeuchi, O.
  • [PDF] Further Reduction in NOx Emission of Selfrecirculation Type Burners by Cooling of the Recirculating Gas
    Shinomori, K., Shimokuri, D., and Ishizuka, S.