Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 52 No. 161


  • Announcement of Establishment of the Combustion Society of Japan as a Corporate Juridical Person
  • Board Members of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2010
  • Activities of Advanced Combustion Research Group
    Maruta, K.
  • Unravelling the Combustion Reaction Mechanism through the Laser Spectroscopy, Shock-tube Techniques and the Quantum Chemical Calculations
    Murakami, Y.
  • Study on Surface Flash Phenomenon
    Kuwana, K.
  • Study on Combustion Diagnostic and Analysis in Compression Ignition Engines
    Fuyuto, T.
- Evolution of Element and Peripheral Technologies in Engine Combustion -
  • Key Components Technologies Contribute to Engine Combustion
    Tabata, M.
  • The Present Conditions and the Future of Variable Valve Actuation Mechanisms for Thermal Efficiency Improvement
    Hatamura, K.
  • History and Future Trends on Fuel Injection System Products
    Miyaki, M., Nakashima, T., Takeuchi, K., and Tani, Y.
  • Current State and Future Trend on Catalysts for the Automotive Exhaust Gas Purification
    Takami, A.
- Turbulent Combustion IV -
  • Partially Premixed Flames
    Mizobuchi, Y.
  • [PDF] Numerical Analysis of Fluid Dynamic Effects on H2/O2 Detonation in 90-degrees Bent Pipe
    Tsuboi, N., Adachi, S., Hayashi, A.K., Yamada, E., Uchida, M., Fujimori, T., and Suda T.
  • [PDF] Mechanism of High-Speed Flame Propagation along a Vortex Ring
    Sato, Y., Shinoda, M., and Yamashita, H.
  • [PDF] A Proposal of United Combustion Model for Premixed and Diffusion Flames and Its Evaluation (7th report: Verification of the Combustion Model by A H2/N2 Lifted Flame in a Vitiated Coflow)
    Abe, K. and Inage, S.