Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 51 No. 156

- Combustion Stability of Practical Combustors -

  • Combustion Stabilization of Gas Burners
    Fujimine, T., Nakamachi, I., and Hayakawa, A.
  • Gas Turbine Combustion Technologies for Reducing Emissions
    Fujimori, T.
  • Development of Practical Combustors Using Tubular Flames
    Ishizuka, S., Shimokuri, D., Ishii, K., Okada, K., Takashi, K., and Suzukawa, Y.
- New Aspects of Combustion Kinetic Modeling III -
  • Detailed Chemical Kinetic Mechanisms for Hydrocarbon and Oxygenated Hydrocarbon Fuel Combustion
    Curran, H.J., Pitz, W.J., Simmie, J.M., and Westbrook, C.K.
  • [PDF] Applied Technology of Vegetable Oils for Diesel Engines - Use of Biodiesel Fuel -
    Yoshimoto, Y. and Kinoshita, E.
  • [PDF] Development of New Catalytic Combustion Sensor for Breath Alcohol
    Sakaguchi, M., Sakaguchi, M., Ishikawa, A. and Hoshihara, I.
  • [PDF] Influence of Burner Temperature on Local Burning Velocity at Laminar Flame Base just before Flashback
    Sogo, S. and Yuasa, S.
  • [PDF] Consideration on Burning at High Space Heating Rates in Ultra-micro Combustors for UMGT
    Yuasa, S., Shimotori, S., Honda, T., Sakurai, T. and Sogo, S.
  • [PDF] Effect of Gravity on Flame Spread over Sub-flash Liquids
    Takahashi, K., Ito, A. and Saito, K.