Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 51 No. 155


  • Awards of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2008
- Clarification of Engine Combustion and the Evolution -
  • Combustion Research on Internal Combustion Engine: Past, Present and Future
  • Diesel Combustion - Challenge and Future -
    Furuno, S. and Tomoda, T.
  • Trial of Ignition Innovation in Gasoline Engines (Low Temperature Plasma Ignition by Nanosecond Pulse Plasma)
    Shiraishi, T. and Urushihara, T.
  • Study of Gasoline-fuelled HCCI Engine
    Urata, Y. and Takanashi, J.
- New Aspects of Combustion Kinetic Modeling II -
  • Systematic Reduction of Large Chemical Kinetic Mechanisms
  • [PDF] Theoretical and Numerical Study on Flame Height of Axisymmetric Laboratory-scale Fire Whirls
    Kuwana, K., Morishita, S., Dobashi, R., and Kushida, G.
  • [PDF] A Proposal of United Combustion Model for Premixed and Diffusion Flames and Its Evaluation (5th Report: Verification by an Opposed Turbulent Diffusion Flame)
    Inage, S.
  • [PDF] Propagation of Detonation Waves in a Supersonic Combustible Flow
    Kataoka, H. and Ishii, K.