Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 50 No. 154

- Application of Advanced Optical Measurement to Combustion Control -

  • Control of Instabilities in a Swirl-Stabilized Flame with a Tunable Diode Laser Temperature Sensor
    Li, H., Jeffries, J.B., and Hanson, R.K.
  • Applications of Optical Measurements for Active Control of Combustion Instabilities
    Tachibana, S.
  • Combustion Control by Optical Detection of Symptoms of Combustion Oscillation
    Akamatsu, F.
  • Measurements of Mixture Fraction with Laser Induced Plasma Spectroscopy
    Zimmer, L. and Yoshida, S.
- New Aspects of Combustion Kinetic Modeling I -
  • An Invitation to Chemical Kinetic Modeling of Combustion
    Miyoshi, A.
  • LLNL Chemical Kinetics Modeling Group
    Pitz, W.J., Westbrook, C.K., Mehl, M., Herbinet, O., Curran, H.J., and Silke, E.J.
  • On the New Paper-selection Process for the International Combustion Symposium
    Kobayashi, H.
  • [PDF] Experimental Observation on Single Fuel Droplets Burning in the Fields of a Specific Wave Number at Far Infrared Ray
    Zushi, O. and Okajima, S.
  • [PDF] Investigation of Influence of Equivalence Ratio and Flame Stretch on Flame Structure of Methane-Air Counterflow Twin-Premixed Flames by Manipulating Lewis Number
    Hayashi, N. and Yamashita, H.
  • [PDF] A Proposal of United Combustion Model for Premixed and Diffusion Flames and Its Evaluation (4th Report.. Verification by Laminar and Turbulent Diffusion Flames)
    Inage, S.