Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 50 No. 153


  • Board Members of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2008
  • Activities of Hokkaido Applied Combustion Research Group
    Fujita, O.
  • Visualization of Auto-Ignited Kernel during Knocking Combustion in an SI Engine
    Kawahara, N.
  • Research on the Dynamic Combustion Control with the Microwave
    Enomoto, H.
  • A Study on Fuel Effects for HCCI Combustion Characteristics
    Tanaka, S.
- Spray Combustion -
  • Atomization Technologies for Liquid Fuel
    Suzuki, T.
  • Combustion of Fuel Droplets
    Mikami, M.
  • Experiments and Numerical Simulations of Spray Combustion
    Kurose, R. and Akamatsu, F.
  • The Diversification of Liquid Fuels for Electric-Generating Gas Turbines
    Hashimoto, N., Nishida, H., and Ozawa, Y.
  • Aircraft Engine and Spray Combustion Technology
    Moriai, H. and Miyake, Y.
- Roles of Combustion Studies for Highly Efficient Energy Usage IV -
  • Energy Saving Technology through the Internally Heat Integration in the Distillation Process
    Nakaiwa, M.
  • [PDF] Study on Flame Structure and Stabilization of Premixed n-Decane Spray in Counterflow
    Mikami, M., Mizuta, Y., Tsuchida, Y., and Kojima, N.
  • [PDF] Effects of Overall Equivalence Ratio on Flame Structure of Rich-Premixed n-Decane Spray Jet
    Mikami, M., Nakamoto, K., Kojima, N., and Moriue, O.
  • [PDF] Effects of Radiation Feedback on Flame Spread along Polymer-Insulated Wire in Microgravity
    Nakamura, Y., Kudo, T., Ito, H., Fujii, T., Kikuchi, M., and Fujita, O.
  • [PDF] Attainment of Luminous DME Spray Flame by Controlling Air Mixing at the Flame Base
    Kobayashi, M., Iguchi, A., Maeda, K., Hirayama, K., Asotani, T., Shiotani, H., Oguma M., and Fujita, O.