Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 49 No. 149


  • Preface of the New President
  • Board Members of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2007
  • Combustion Research and Development of Bio-Diesel Fuel
    Morimune, T.
  • Prospect of Combustion Control by Acoustic Excitation
    Suzuki, M.
  • Understanding of In-Cylinder Phenomena with 3-D Virtual Engine
    Teraji, A.
- The Latest Combustion Technologies of Propulsion Systems for High Speed Flying Objects -
  • Combustion in Dual-Mode Ramjet Engines
    Masuya, G.
  • Combustion of Solid Fuels in CAMUI Rocket Combustion Chamber
    Nagata, H.
  • Research of Combustion Instability for LE-X Engine
    Okita, K.
  • A Reacting Flow in two Miscible Liquids with a Large Difference in Their Viscosities
    Nagatsu, Y. and Ueda, T.
  • [PDF] OH Concentration and Burning Velocity in Counterflow Premixed Flames
    Yamamoto, K., Isayama, T., Hayashi, N., and Yamashita, H.