Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 49 No. 148

- Recent Development of Post Petroleum Fuel and its Adaptation in Combustion Process -

  • Biofuels Production by Supercritical Fluid Technologies
  • Leading-Edge Trend and Vision of GTL Technologies
    Suehiro, Y.
  • Utilization of Vegetable Oil and Animal Fat as Diesel Fuels
    Morimune, T. and Morino, T.
  • R&D Trend of Non-Petroleum Based Fuels for Vehicle
    Oguma, M., Tsujimura,1., Shiotani, H., and Goto, S.
- Recent Research of Ignition IV -
  • Enhancement of Volumetric Ignition by Free Radicals Injection
    Yoshikawa, N. and Saitoh, H.
  • History of Kilns and Furnaces - Lessons for Future Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection (Sugita, K.)
    Takagi, T.
  • [PDF] Flame Structure of Turbulent Premixed Flames in Opposed Jet Burner
    Ahn, C.J., Akamatsu, F., Katsuki, M., Kitajima, A., and Noguchi, Y.
  • [PDF] Numerical Study on Catalytic Reaction in a Channel Using Detailed Chemical Kinetics (Effect of Gas Composition on Deoxidization of NO in Exhaust Gas by Catalytic Reaction)
    Aikawa, T., Yamashita, H., and Yamamoto, K.