Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 48 No. 145

- Innovative Combustors and Burners -

  • Development of Heat-Regenerative Small Combustors (Microcombustors)
    Kato, S., Aizumi, S., Yokomori, T., and Maruta, K.
  • Development of Rich-Lean Flame Burner of High Performance by Controlling Boundary Region between Rich and Lean Flames
    Yasuda, H., Asato, K., Miyasaka, T., Kurachi, S., Hagi, S., and Umeda, Y.
  • Development of Tubular Flame Burner for By-Product Fuel Gases in Steel Works
    Ishioka, M., Okada, K., and Ishizuka, S.
- Recent Research of Ignition I -
  • A Numerical Simulation on Spark Ignition Process in Combustible Mixtures
    Tsue, M. and Kono, M.
  • [PDF] Promoting Effect of a Reflecting Board on the Diffraction of a Detonation Wave through a Mixture Change
    Numakura, R., Wakita, M., Itoh, Y., Sugata, S., Nagata, H., Totani, T., and Kudo, I.
  • [PDF] Observation of the Flow field and Flame around the Ram-Accelerator Projectile Traveling near the CJ Detonation Speed
    Yatsufusa, T., Iwamura, K., Higashida, K., Endo, T., and Taki,S.
  • [PDF] A New ThermochemicaI Model for Numerical Simulation of Detonation
    Watanabe, K. and Matsuo, A.