Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 47 No. 141


  • The Memory of the Late Professor Hiroshi Tsuji
    Takeno, T.
- Latest Atomization Technologies -
  • Spray Characteristics and Fuel Flow Pattern of Slit Nozzle for Direct Injection SI Gasoline Engine
    Senda, J. Matsumura, E., and Nakatani, K.
  • High Pressure Spray Technologies for Diesel Engines
    Miyamoto, T., Hirose, S., and Nakamura, H.
  • Fuel Nozzle and Fuel Preparation Technologies in Recent Aeroengines
    Kinoshita, Y.
- Fuel Cells and Combustion Engineering I -
  • Modeling Electrochemistry and Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells: I. Basic Principles
    Kee, R. J., Zhu, H.-Y., and Goodwin, D. G.
  • [PDF] Shock-Tube and Modeling Study of Dimethyl Ether Pyrolysis and Oxidation
    Wakamatsu, H., Ishihara, A., Hoshikawa H., Satoh, K.,Yamane, M., and Hidaka, Y.
  • [PDF] Numerical Analysis on Premixed Flames Propagating in Non-Uniform Velocity Fields - Influence of Intrinsic Instability on Dynamic Behavior -
    Kadowaki, S., Suzuki, H., and Kobayashi, H.
  • [PDF] Flame Speed and Propagation Behavior of Volatile Fuel Spray in Microgravity
    Nunome, Y., Yoshinaga, K., Hanai, H., Kobayashi, H., and Niioka, T.