Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 46 No. 138


  • Prof. Hirano was awarded the Bernard Lewis Gold Medal
    Sato, J.
  • Receiving the Gold Medal
    Hirano, T.
- Combustion Research in Fire Safety -
  • Base Flame Structure of Pool Fires
  • Investigations on Mechanism of Flame Spread over Combustible Materials (Fundamental Studies on Fire Spread)
    Suzuki, M.
  • Computational Experiments on Flame Inhibition Mechanisms of Fire Suppressants
    Saso, Y.
- Environmental Catalyst and Combustion Engineering II -
  • Trend of Catalytic Combustion Research
    Fujita, O.
  • Analysis of Combustion Phenomena (Niioka, T.)
    Ishizuka, S.
  • [PDF] Propagation Mode of Detonation Waves in a Narrow Gap
    Ishii, K., Ito, K., and Tsuboi, T.
  • [PDF] Combustion Control of Thermo-Acoustics Instability on Methane / Air Premixed Swirl-Type Flames
    Sato, H., Hayashi, K., and Ogawa, S.