Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 46 No. 137

- New techniques and objects for combustion measurements -

  • Detection of Chemical Compounds in Nano-particles Emitted from Diesel Engine Exhaust
    Deguchi, Y. and TANAKA, N.
  • Scanless Three-Dimensional Computerized Tomographic (3D-CT) Reconstruction of Turbulent Flame Shape - Measurements of Instantaneous 3D Distribution of Light Emission of Turbulent Premixed Flame by Multi(40)-Lens-Camera-Photography and 3D-CT Technique -
    Ishino, Y. and Ohiwa, N.
  • Study on Turbulent Premixed Flames of a Low-Swirl Burner
    Tachibana, S., Zimmer, L. and Suzuki, K.
- Environmental Catalyst and Combustion Engineering I -
  • Analysis based on Surface Science (Adsorption and Elementary Reaction) of Catalyst
    Ikeda, H. and Enomoto, H.
  • [PDF] Effects of Substrate Temperature in Flame CVD of Diamond Films - Growth Rate and Morphology
    Shintomi, M., Egami, T., Makino, A. and Araki, N.
  • [PDF] Numerical Simulation on Interaction between a Water Mist Downburst and a Pool Flame Base
    Muramatsu, K. and Umemura, A.