Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 45 No. 134

- Extremely Small Flames -

  • A Microscopic Flame Phenomenon on an Extremely Small Flame
    Ida, T. and Fuchihata, M.
  • Study on Characteristics and Stability of Micro-Diffusion Flames
    Nakamura, Y.
- Radiation and Combustion II -
  • Role of Radiative Heat Transfer on Flammability Limit
    Maruta, K.
  • [PDF] Response of a Premixed Flame to Equivalence Ratio Fluctuation in Stagnation Flow
    Suenaga, Y., Kitano, M., Yanaoka, H., and Fujita, N.
  • [PDF] An Experimental Study of Flame Spread along Fuel Droplet Arrays in Microgravity Using a New Droplet Generation Technique
    Mikami, M., Oyagi, H., Kojima, N., Kikuchi, M., Wakashima, Y., and Yoda, S.
  • [PDF] Experimental Study of Prevention Measures against Sodium Combustion Residuum Reignition
    Ishikawa, H., Ohno, S., and Miyahara, S.