Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 45 No. 132


  • Counterflow Flame and Similarity Solution
    Takeno, T.
- Combustion Characteristics of DME and Future Scope for Its Energy Use -
  • Trends of DME Production Technology and its Commercialization
    Ohno, Y.
  • Experimental and Modeling Study on Diesel Spray Combustion using DME Fuel
    Ito, T., Kitamura, T., Senda, J., and Fujimoto, H.
  • Developments and Possibility of Practical Application of DME Diesel Engine
  • Combustion Characteristics of DME (Dimethyl Ether) for Gas Turbine Fuel
    Kobayashi, N., Inoue, H., and Koizumi, H.
  • DME Application to Gas Turbine for High Efficiency Electric Power Generation with Clean-Emissions
    Hasegawa, T., Tamaru, T., and Sato, M.
- New Simulation Methods in Combustion IV -
  • Application of Percolation Theory to Spray Combustion
    Takamori, S. and Umemura, A.
  • [PDF] Local Flame Structure and NO Formation Mechanism in Methane-Air Turbulent Premixed Flames
    Saito, T., Tanahashi, M., and Miyauchi, T.
  • [PDF] Numerical Combustion Analysis for a Two-Staged Combustion Strut in Supersonic Air flow
    Ogami, S. and Niioka, T.