Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 44 No. 128

- Numerical Science of Combustion -

  • Significance of DNS in Combustion Research
    Takeno,T. and Mizobuchi, Y.
  • Structure of Hydrogen Jet Lifted Flame
    Mizobuchi, Y., Tachibana, S., Shinjo, J., Ogawa, S., and Takeno,T.
- Fundamentals and Recent Advances in Detonation III -
  • 0n the Application of Detonation Waves and Multiphase Detonation
    Hayashi, A. K.
- Fundamentals and Recent Advances in Detonation IV -
  • Fundamental Theory on Detonation in Condensed Matter
    Tanaka, K.
  • [PDF] Lattice Gas Simulation on Combustion with Flamelet Model
    Yamamoto, K.
  • [PDF] Study on Adopted Chemical Kinetics for Production of NO in Methane-Air Counternow Flames
    Umeyama, T., Nakamura, Y., Zhu, X., Nishioka, M., and Takeno, T.