Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 63 No. 206

- Utilization of Hydrogen and Synthetic Fuel -
  • Low CO2 Steel Making Technology Using Hydrogen in Japan -Outline of COURSE50 Project-
    Nomura, S., Watanabe, T., Ujisawa, Y., Sugiyama, S. and Ishiwata, N.
  • Study on Oxidation and Pyrolysis of Linear Carbonate Esters using a Micro Flow Reactor with a Controlled Temperature Profile
    Kanayama, K., Takahashi, S., Morikura, S., Nakamura, H., Tezuka, T. and Maruta, K.
  • Flammability Evaluation of Carbonate Esters by Using Wick-LOC Method
    Fujita, O. and Guo, F.
  • A Study of Two-stage Ignition of Dimethyl ether/Air Mixtures
    Gao, J. and Nakamura, Y.
  • HCCI Combustion Control by the Difference of Ignition Characteristics of Hydrocarbons
    Shibata, G. and Ogawa, H.
  • Combustion Characteristics of OME (Polyoxymethylene dimethyl ether) and the Possibility as an E-fuel of CI Engine
    Konno, M. and Sakai, Y.
- Fundamentals and Applications of Combustion Measurement Technique XII -
  • Measurements of Temperature and Concentration of Soot in a Flame by Two-Color Method
    Kosaka, H.
  • Temperature Measurement of Combustion Gases by Thermocouples and/or Infrared Emission Method
    Takahashi, S.
  • Introduction of Research Center in Chugai Ro Co., Ltd.
    Ikeda, I. and Tomozawa, K.
  • Relation between Pressure Fluctuations and Flow Characteristics Concerned with Combustion Oscillation Onset in Turbulent Swirling Lean Premixed Combustion
    Atagi, Y., Shimura, M., Matsushima, R. and Tanahashi, M.
  • Analysis of Combustion Behaviors of Aluminum Jet Flame via Machine Learning
    Seki, S., Kobayashi, Y. and Takahashi, S.