Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 58 No. 185


  • Board Members of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2016
  • Prediction and Prevention of Combustion Oscillation in a Lean Premixed Gas-turbine Combustor
    Kato, S.
  • Elucidation by Combustion Science on Fire and Explosion Phenomena
    Mogi, T.
  • Study on Prediction of Soot Formation in DISI Gasoline Engines
    Hashimoto, J.
- Innovative Pyrolysis and Gasification Technologies -
  • Combustion Phenomena in Partial Combustion Gas Reforming of Woody Biomass Gasification Gas
    Nakatsuka, N., Bai, Z., Hayashi, J., and Akamatsu, F.
  • SNG Production from Woody Biomass Using Gasification Process
    Tsuboi, Y., Takafuji, M., Ohara, H., Shinomiya, H., Takano, H., and Izumiya, K.
  • Primary Coal Pyrolysis Models for Prediction of Volatilization Behavior
    Umemoto, S. and Kajitani, S.
  • Practical Operation of Turbo-Charged Pressurized Flui Bed Combustion System
    Suenaga, T. and Endo, H.
- Science and Technology of Carbon-free Ammonia Combustion III -
  • Fundamental Characteristics of the Laminar Premixed Flame of Ammonia Fuel
    Takeishi, H., Hayashi, J., and Akamatsu, F.
  • [PDF] Flow Around a Fire Whirl
    Onishi, H. and Kuwana, K.