Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 57 No. 179


  • Awards of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2014
- Combustion Technologies for Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions -
  • Oxy-fuel Combustion and Clean Coal Technologies
    Watanabe, H. and Okazaki, K.
  • Chemical Looping Clean Coal Technology
    Lin, S.
  • Conversion Synergies during Steam Co-gasification of Simulated Biomass with Coal
    Yoshiie, R., Kihedu, J., Ueki, Y., and Naruse, I.
  • Development of the Advanced Humid Air Turbine
    Abe, K. and Koganezawa, T.
  • Development of 1700°C Class Gas Turbine Combustor ∼ Combustion Technologies for High Temperature Gas Turbine ∼
    Takiguchi, S., Saitoh, K., Tanaka, Y., Nakao, M., Kimura, Y., Saitoh, T., Ito, E., Nose, M., and Nishida, K.
- Utilization of Low Energetic Materials in Combustion I -
  • Low Quality Organic Carbon Recourse and Its Utilization Techniques
    Kobayashi, N. and Itaya, Y.
  • [PDF] Effects of the Air-Fuel Injection Velocity Ratio on the Emission Characteristics of the Rapidly Mixed Tubular Flame
    Wang, Y., Yoshimura, Y., Shimokuri, D., and Ishizuka, S.
  • [PDF] Effect of Elavated-Pressure and Radiative Heat Loss on Rotating Counterflow Twin Flame
    Uemichi, A., Osaki, Y., and Nishioka, M.
  • [PDF] An Experimental Study on a New Heating Technique with Use of an Inner Hot Gas Region of Tubular Flames
    Hu, J., Shi, B., Shimokuri, D., and Ishizuka, S.
  • [PDF] Temperature Distribution Measurement during Low Temperature Reaction in Auto-ignition Process
    Kamarrudin, N. S., Takahashi, S., and Ihara, T.