Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 54 No. 168

- Fuel Supply and Control System of Combustion Engine for Load Change, Flex Fuel and Environment Regulation -

  • Woody Biomass Co-firing with Coal in Pulverised Coal Fired Boilers
    Tamura, M., Oono, E., and Watanabe, S.
  • Flex Fuel for Marine Engine and the Control ? Liquid Fuel Case ?
    Takasaki, K.
  • Development of Maruti Suzuki CNG/LPG Bifuel Vehicle in India
    Tanaka, M.
  • Measurement Technique and Control System Development Environment of Direct Injection Engine
    Yano, Y., Murakami, Y., Teraoka, Y., Nakagawa, T., Yamamoto, H., and Imada, M.
- Combustion Physics Learned from Actual Cases II -
  • Fundamental Studies on the Spontaneous Ignition of Sodium
    Makino, A.
  • [PDF] Effect of Lewis Number on Characteristics of Edge Flame Established in Counterflow Field
    Takita, K., Mochizuki, H., and Nishiwaki, W.