Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 51 No. 158

- Combustion Precipitation by Plasma -

  • Merging Plasma Science into Combustion Science - Plasma-Assisted Combustion -
    Sasaki, K., Uesugi, Y., Ohno, N., and Osaka Y.
  • Plasma Aided Combustion Using Atmospheric Pressure Non-Equilibrium Plasma
    Nozaki, T. and Okazaki, K.
  • Ignition and Combustion Enhancement by Thermal Plasma
    Takita, K.
  • Dynamics of Ignition and Combustion by Laser Induced Plasma
    Saito, T. and Furutani, H.
  • Engine Ignition by High Brightness Pulse Lasers
    Taira, T., Tsunekane, M., Fujikawa, T., Ebina, M., Akihama, K., Inohara, T., Ando, A., Kido, N., and Kanehara, K.
- Turbulent Combustion I -
  • Turbulent Premixed Combustion I - Reference Scales of Turbulence and Premixed Flame -
    Tanahashi, M.
  • Mazda Motor Corporation, Technical Research Center
    Shibata, S. and Yamamoto, H.
  • [PDF] Utilization and Combustion Characteristics of Woody Bio-Fuel - Trend of the Research and Development -
    Nagahashi, Y., Murakami, K., and Saika, T.
  • [PDF] A Study on Interaction Phenomenon of a Detonation Wave with a Shock Wave
    Nagai, K., Yokokawa, M., Yoshihashi, T., Obara, T., and Ohyagi, S.
  • [PDF] Minimum Ignition Energy of H2-O2 MIXTURES Predictions by CHEMKIN Experiments and an Activation-Energy -Asymptotics
    Mitani, T., Hiraiwa, T., and Moriya, S.
  • [PDF] A Study of Propagating Detonation Waves in Narrow Channels
    Monwar, M., Ishii, K., and Tsuboi, T.
  • [PDF] Numerical Study on Influence of Size and Number Density of Droplet on Spray Combustion Mode
    Hagihara, K., Yamashita, H., and Yamamoto, K.