Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 50 No. 152

- Energetic Materials -

  • Detonation of High Explosives
    Tanaka, K.
  • Combustion of Fireworks
    Matsunaga, T.
  • Pyrotechnic Automotive Safety Devices and Energetic Materials
    Arai, M.
- Roles of Combustion Studies for Highly Efficient Energy Usage III -
  • Thermodynamics of Combustion with Energy Recirculation
    Yoshizawa, Y.
  • [PDF] Lean Limit of Global Flame Quenching and Flame Characteristics of Turbulent Premixed Flames Formed by Rapid Mixing of Fuel and Highly Preheated Oxidizer
    Ahn, C., Akamatsu, F., Katsuki, M., Kitajima, A., and Torikai, H.
  • [PDF] A Proposal of United Combustion Model for Premixed and Diffusion Flames and Its Evaluation (3rd Report: Expansion for the Multi Component Fuel System)
    Ebret, M., Inage, S., and Abe, K.
  • [PDF] Characteristics of Hydrogen Oxidation by Atmospheric Non-Equilibrium Plasma
    Osakabe, T., Kambara, S., Kuriyama, R., Koyano, A., Yukimura, K., and Moritomi, H.
  • [PDF] Characteristics of Lifted Flame Resulting from Impulsive Change of Equivalence Ratio
    Jun, S.-H., Kidoguchi, Y., Kim, T.-K., and Miwa, K.
  • [PDF] Detonation Properties of Acetylene-Air Mixtures with Additive of Hydrocarbon
    Ishii, K., Akiyoshi, T., Takada, T., and Murayama, M.