Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 49 No. 147


  • Awards of the Combustion Society of Japan, 2006
  • Applications of Detonation Waves to Heat Engines - Pulse Detonation Engines
    Ohyagi, S.
  • Diagnostics and Numerical Analysis of a Turbulent Diffusion Flame
    Kawanabe, H.
  • Does Anyone Know The Influence of a Acoustic Oscillation on Combustion?
    Tanabe, M.
  • Visualization of Inner Porous Structure and New Approach for Combustion Simulation
    Yamamoto, K.
- Combustion with Heat/Mass Recirculation -
  • Future Combustion - Research from Overviews of Heat-Recirculation Combustion and Application into Energy Conversion Systems
    Hanamura, K.
  • Knocking Phenomena and Optical Mesurement
    Itoh, T.
  • Development of High-Temperature Air Combustion Thechnology for Stoker-Type Waste Incineration Process
    Suzuki, M.
- Recent Research of Ignition III -
  • Ignition with Laser
    Furutani, H and Saito, T.
  • Development of Gas Turbine Combustor for Utilizing Various Gasified Fuels with High-Efficiency and Minimal Pollutant Emissions
    Hasegawa, T.
  • [PDF] Flame-Spread Characteristics of Randomly-Arranged Fuel-Droplet Arrays in Microgravity
    Oyagi, H., Yagi, K., Shigeno, H., Mikami, M., and Kojima, N.
  • [PDF] Prediction of Unburned HCs by Using Three-Dimensional Combustion Simulation in Spark Ignition Engines
    Teraji, A., Tsuda, T., Noda, T., Kubo, T., and Itoh, T.