Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan Vol. 48 No. 144

- Formation and Discharge of Particulate Matter -

  • Kinetics of the Formation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Combustion Gases
    Kunioshi, N.
  • Measurement of Soot Particles by Laser-Induced Incandescence
    Ishii, K.
  • Formation Mechanisms and Control of Particulate Matter with Trace Metal Compounds in Solid-fuel Combustion Processes
    Naruse, I.
- Fuel Cells and Combustion Engineering IV -
  • Fuel Cell Research with a Viewpoint of Combustion Research -Research Activities on PEFC at Research Center for Carbon Recycling and Energy in Tokyo Institute of Technology-
    Tsushima S. and Hirai S.
  • [PDF] Numerical Simulation of Supersonic Combustion Using Unstructured Point Implicit Finite Volume Method
    Deepu, M. N., Gokhale, S. S., and Jayaraj, S.
  • [PDF] Structure of Distributed Reaction Zone in a Well-Stirred Reactor
    Yoshida, A., Naito, H., and Mishra, D. P.
  • [PDF] An Approach to Combustion Diagnostics of Premixed Flame by Chemiluminescence of OH* and CH*
    Seo, T., Akamatsu, F., Shibahara, M., and Katsuki, M.